Parenting Time & Planning

Modern Family Mediation understands that scheduling your parenting time can be a very stressful and emotionally demanding process.  For this reason we developed our Parenting Time Calendar Planning Service. Whether the adult relationships are antagonistic or amicable, you’ll find Parenting Time Planning with Modern Family Mediation beneficial.  During our Parenting Time Planning Session, your mediator will work with you both to help smooth out the process of scheduling important dates for you and your children.  Your mediator will be sure to take into account holidays, birthdays, special events, vacations, and any other important dates.  Once completed, you will have a year long plan which has been agreed upon by both parents.  Having a specific Parenting Time Calendar Plan will not only eliminate uncertainty and confusion, but it will also reduce stress for all involved, especially your children.

Collaborative Parenting

Throughout your child’s life there will be many important decisions that need to be made.  As parents, this fact will not change regardless of your relationship status.

Every parent desires to have a positive future for their children.  Whether you need assistance with long term care planning for children with special needs, financial agreements about college, or decisions with major life events such as weddings or graduations.  Let the mediators at Modern Family Mediation help guide your decision.