Bullying Prevention Strategies

Bullying Prevention Strategies:

  • Use “I” Messages to Express Yourself.
    • I Messages:
      • Change the tone from blaming to explaining.
      • Tells the person your speaking with what you want and why.
      • They are easier to say when you’re upset.
      • Are less emotionally charged.
  • To Effectively Use an I-Message, Follow These Steps!
  1. Say the bully’s name.
  2. Tell how you feel when they bully you.
  3. State what you want.
  • Be Confident!
    • Use Eye Contact.
    • Have a Strong Body Posture.
    • Use a Steady and Firm Voice.
    • Ignore and leave the situation.
    • Never let them see you upset.
    • Have thick skin.
    • Use humor to deflect.
    • Avoid situations or places that are going to be problematic.
    • Don’t antagonize or enflame the situation.
    • Practice comebacks.
    • Stand up for others if it’s safe.
    • Safety in numbers
    • Include others who look alone or are left out.
    • Don’t isolate yourself from others.
    • Make friends.

Rehearse and Role Play to Help Your Child!

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