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We are very happy to inform you that our office has officially reopened! Due to the COVID 19 outbreak and to help reduce it’s spread, we have initiated some new safety guidelines in addition to sanitizing the MFM office. Upon entering our office, temperatures will be taken using a “no-touch” thermometer and a COVID 19 health questionnaire will completed by both our clients and the Modern Family Mediation staff. In addition, all of our free initial consults can either be completed virtually, using Zoom or in person based on your comfort level. This way, the process of divorce mediation can be explained to all parties and questions answered in a totally safe virtual manner. At Modern Family Mediation we understand that the Covid 19 crisis has caused a great deal of stress and uncertainty on many relationships. We also know that this is a time when we need to come together as a community and follow the recommendations of our State and Federal governments.
If you have any questions or would like to schedule a virtual consult, please do hesitate to call either Paul or Matt. Stay healthy and safe!
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2020 Best of Clinton Township

Recently, Modern Family Mediation was honored to learn that we were selected for the 2020 Best of Clinton Township Awards in the category of Divorce Service. For more information, please click here: Modern Family Mediation Receives 2020 Best of Clinton Township Award.

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Family Changes Are Difficult And The Decisions You Make Are Important. Modern Family Mediation Can Help You Make The Best One!

Welcome and thank you for visiting.  At Modern Family Mediation we want to educate you about the process of mediation and how it can help.  We are certain you will find that mediation offers many benefits through the services we provide; including emotional relief, financial rewards, and stress reduction.

Simply the Best and Most Complete

Service Available – ANYWHERE!


Modern Family Mediation is excited and proud to offer the best and most complete divorce service available!  For over a decade, Modern Family Mediation has been helping divorcing couples separate their assets and developing parenting time calendars that met their unique needs.  Some couples, however, had reservations or were intimidated when it came to actually filing their paperwork with the court as they were unfamiliar with the proper procedures because they were not attorneys! Our service allows our clients to work with a licensed Michigan attorney who will develop all the necessary court documentation based on their completed mediated divorce agreement to ensure a smooth filing process!  This complete and comprehensive service is now bundled together and available for a cost that is significantly less than the amount of a typical attorney led divorce! 

Have peace of mind knowing that you and your spouse took all the right steps in your divorce process by letting the trained professionals of Modern Family Mediation guide you in developing a customized Mediated Divorce Agreement, while having all your court documentation completed by a licensed Michigan attorney – All for one low price! 

If you want to retain control over the outcome of your divorce, instead of handing that power over to Lawyers and Judges, then you should seriously consider mediation for all or part of your divorce.  Mediation is future focused and mindful of the needless depletion of your hard earned assets.  Keep your money in your pocket while keeping it from being tied up in the legal system.  Mediation gives you the power to decide how your assets and investments are allocated!  Using Modern Family Mediation during your divorce can save you and your family thousands of dollars while letting you stay in control of your important family decisions! This is truly the best decision for your family situation during this difficult time in your life.

Modern Family Mediation Are The Civilized Divorce Experts!


Modern Family Mediation was created out of a need to help families who are in distress.  After many years of working with all types of families and seeing the stress that divorce can cause; it was obvious that there must be a better way!  Nothing can make your situation the way it once was but it is important to realize that using facilitative mediation is a much better and productive way than engaging in the traditional adversarial environment created when most attorneys become involved!


Modern Family Mediation specializes in crafting mediated divorce agreements custom tailored to meet the unique needs of your family situation!  Deciding to end your marriage is a major life decision that is difficult to come to terms with.  Often times it is no one person’s fault that the marriage needs to end and it should not be looked as a failure.  Sometimes it is the best solution in a complex situation.  Let the process of facilitative mediation and the professionals at Modern Family Mediation guide you and your spouse in the development of an asset division agreement, child custody, and customized parenting time calendar in a non-adversarial manner that will be beneficial to you and your family.  Using mediation offers many benefits that include immediate emotional relief, significant financial rewards, and stress reduction.

Our trained mediators are third party neutrals (non-biased), who also happen to be licensed mental health professionals experienced in working in highly charged emotional situations, crisis, and stress.  Doesn’t it make sense to use the dispute resolution specialists of Modern Family Mediation to mediate the emotionally challenging and stressful issues of your marriage and your life?  When you and your spouse choose Modern Family Mediation to help you develop a customized Mediated Divorce Agreement, it says a lot about your commitment to doing what is best for your children by setting the stage for future interactions with your spouse as well as how you handle new challenges that will arise in the future.  After all, you still are a family whether you are divorced or not!  The fact is that you will have some level of contact with your partner for years after the divorce is finalized, whether it is related to your children’s needs or any number of other reasons that are bound to arise.   So why not interact in a less adversarial manner and in a more productive, amicable, and emotionally healthy way.

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Creating a Mediated Divorce Agreement is simpler than you might think with the right tools and guidance.  Let the professionals of Modern Family Mediation lead you through the process of a Civilized Divorce.   When you help develop a legal Mediated Divorce Agreement with Modern Family Mediation, you have say in it and remain in control over the issues that are important to you!  Please visit the “About Mediation” page for information about how the facilitative mediation can work for you.

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Proudly Serving the Unique Needs of Today’s Modern Families in Southeastern and Central Michigan for over 16 years.

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