Mediated Divorce

Civilized Divorce? Is there an alternative to the typically adversarial and financially draining traditional divorce?  The answer is YES!  Modern Family Mediation assists clients with developing legal mediated divorce agreements as well as assisting families with the resolution of difficult child custody matters.  Founded by a Psychologist and a Social Worker, Modern Family Mediation specializes in helping families with highly emotional and difficult situations.  Understanding how divorce can affect children, their trained mediators operate with the knowledge that even though the marriage itself is ending, there will always be a common interest in doing what’s best for the children.  The services at Modern Family Mediation can be very beneficial to clients by reducing stress, anxiety, and the financial burden of a traditional attorney led divorce.  Divorcing couples with no children will also find developing a mediated agreement to be in their best interest, saving them thousands of dollars while reducing stress.

What is a “Civilized Divorce”?

The concept of a civilized divorce was developed for divorcing couples who desire a less messy and destructive end to their marriage.  Despite the difficult and emotional nature of divorce, many couples realize that they will always have a common bond as a result of their marriage.  These bonds are unique and tend to differ from couple to couple but often include children, pets, business dealings, and even extended family relationships, just to name a few.

Approaching divorce in a civilized fashion, helps maintain some portion of the current relationship that is necessary for future interactions.  For example, if a couple has a child or children, they will always be parents whether they are married or not.  Life events, such as school conferences or athletics, graduation, and marriage are going to happen and the trained mediators at Modern Family Mediation work hard to keep this fact in focus while assisting clients develop a mediated divorce agreement.

By no means does participating in a civilized divorce imply that you need to be friends or have a great relationship, but rather that both parties are willing to treat each other with respect while the mediation process is on-going with the hope that a working relationship can be maintained.

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