Family Blending Mediation

“Family Blending” Mediation Services

The challenge of bringing two or more existing family systems together to form a new family unit is often more difficult than it initially appears.  All people are unique and have differing parenting styles, values, religious beliefs, etc.  The mediation experts at Modern Family Mediation can assist you and your partner in working through the issues that are creating stress and friction within your new Modern Family Unit.  When agreement is reached on these critical issues, the focus can be shifted to the things that initially brought you together in the first place.

“Blended Family” Mediation Services

The end of a relationship can be devastating and life-altering.  It is often a difficult time when your “ex” remarries or finds a new partner.  This is especially true when children, assets, pets, and/or finances are involved.  The mediation specialists at Modern Family Mediation can assist you by collaborative problem solving and crafting an agreement that satisfies your needs.  Once agreement is reached regarding the key issues, all parties involved are likely to experience immediate tension reduction and stress relief that will allow for the moving forward into next chapter of your life.