About Mediation

Why Mediate?

For many years in our society we have been bombarded by “so called legal experts” encouraging us to solve our issues by going through the court system or hiring an attorney.  Unfortunately, while your interest may be in solving the problem, this traditional method encourages an adversarial relationship and hostile environment.  If you want to have an active part in developing a court recognized solution to your unique situation, working with a facilitative mediator is for you! Although the practice of mediation has existed for hundreds of years, many people are unaware of the many benefits that this process can offer over “traditional” litigation in nearly any form of dispute.

What is Facilitative Mediation?

Facilitative mediation is a guided process that promotes parties working together towards a common solution.  The structure of a mediated session creates an environment that levels the playing field, eliminating power imbalances.  Our mediators understand that YOU should be in control of your mediated resolution.  By working together, with our mediators, developing a tailored solution is possible!

Who does the mediator work for?

Our mediators are considered third party neutrals.  This means that the mediator does not choose sides or negotiate on behalf of either party.  Third party neutral mediators do guide the process of mediation and conflict resolution.  Our mediators read the conflict between the parties and use the force and energy created during discussions to guide the parties towards an agreeable solution.  This ensures that both parties have equal power and say in their resolution.

How much does mediation cost?

There are many factors that would influence the cost of mediation.  Some of these factors include whether your case is simple or complex, whether the dispute is over one issue or multiple issues, or whether it is over a single aspect such as parenting-time calendar planning, or an entire mediated divorce from start to finish.  Regardless of those factors, mediation is almost always a fraction of the cost of traditional legal fees, which is why it’s The $ensible $olution to Litigation! Please feel free to contact us for more specific information to your situation.

How do mediated agreements differ from litigated agreements?

A finalized mediated agreement is a legal contract that will be upheld by the court!  In mediation, parties retain control of their issues and have the final say in the outcome.  In the reality of litigation, control is relinquished to the lawyers who pit the parties against each other, trying to convey their side of the story.  It is the judge who ultimately make the final decisions that will impact your life – NOT you.